Mwetaung Nickel Project warned by WZC

Dallas, TX - The World Zomi Congress or WZC executive committee held a meeting on April 28, 2013. They strongly condemn the partnership between Myanmar’s quasi – military regime and communist Read details

ZRO President Raided

LAMKA, July 5: The Zomi Council(ZC), an apex body of nine tribes, in a memorandum to the Chief Minister of Manipur has requested him to take action Read details

Burma pressed on Rohingya Rights

BANGKOK — Indonesia is pressing Burma’s government to grant legal status to the country’s Muslim Rohingya. As more Rohingya seek asylum in Indonesia and elsewhere abroad, Ron Corben reports from Bangkok Read details

Burma and North Korea\'s connection

The US Treasury's 'designation' of Lieutenant General Thein Htay, Chief of Burma's Directorate of Defence Industries (DDI), for purchasing military goods from North Korea, surprised many. After Barack Obama's visit to Read details

"Godfather of Heroin" Dies

The recent death of Burmese drug lord Lo Hsing Han highlights the Southeast Asian nation's deep involvement with narcotics trafficking. Lo, once dubbed by the U.S. government as the "godfather Read details

Mwetaung Nickel Project warned by WZC ZRO President Raided Burma pressed on Rohingya Rights Burma and North Korea\'s connection "Godfather of Heroin" Dies

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Paite (Zomi) ADC in Mizoram,

The Paites are indigenous tribes of Mizoram under the Greater Assam state since 1300 AD. The Tribal Research Institute of Mizoram  in their published book,”Paite in Mizoram” stated that the

Tuesday, 7 July 2015 Comments

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From Churachandpur District to Zogam

Changing branding for any organization – company/corporate involves a lot of hard work and capital expenditures. New BRANDING COLLATERALS have to be designed, put to

Tuesday, 10 August 2010 Comments

Paite (Zomi) ADC in Mizoram, India

The Paites are indigenous tribes of Mizoram under the Greater Assam state since 1300 AD. The Tribal Research Institute of Mizoram  in their published book,”Paite in Mizoram” stated that the Paite people entered the present Mizoram along with  Palian Chief of Lushai around the first half of the 17th century. The first census of Lushai Hills by the British in 1901 have recorded that there were 2,870 Paites in Mizoram. In 1921 census, there were 10,460 Paites in Mizoram. But in the subsequent Census operations Paites was not found in such records as ‘Paite’. This injustice is difficult to understand for the minority tribes. If census is carried correctly on ethnic line, the Paite population will not be less than one lakh (1,00,000) in Mizoram state. The Union Government has recognised Paite as one of the tribes in Mizoram vide The Gazette of India Notice No. 10 of 2003 date January 8, 2003 of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Orders (Amendment) Act, 2002.The Paite are not a refugee they are the original inhabitants of Mizoram. Truly speaking,  Paites are larger than the Lushai; they live in Chin state of Burma, southern Manipur and north eastern part of Mizoram.

Big Data and the New Political Campaigns

Elections were won and lost with political speeches, leadership debates and TV ads. With the rise of internet, political campaigns are seen in multiple fronts including social media networks such as Facebook, Instagrams, YouTube, and Tweeter. Online Ads are another way of communicating policy to the constituents, gather supports and raise revenue from donations. In addition to traditional campaign strategies and social media, data analytics can give competitive advantages if properly applied. In 2012 US presidential election, the campaign team of President Obama successfully applied predictive data analysis which is considered to be a breakthrough in modern history of political campaigns. This so called ‘big data” doesn’t replace other campaign strategies but can provide many advantages for political parties. The predictive scores used in data analytic allow campaign strategists to efficiently allocate scarce resources, tailor ads and messages. This has led the political parties to engage in an arms race to leverage ever-growing volumes of data to create votes.

Biography of Rev. Dr. Chin Do Kham


Dr. Chin Do Kham (54, M.Div., D.Min, PhD) passed away at Motel 6 in Laurel, Maryland on October 13, 2013. He is the president of Global Outreach Community Development (GOCD) and the General Secretary for Global Zomi Alliance (GZA). He was a compassionate man who liked to help people throughout his life. He was a great educated leader and highly respected from his community.


Ph.D. (Intercultural Studies)Trinity International University , Chicago , Illinois, USA . 1998
D.Min. (Doctor of Ministry), Oral Roberts University , Tulsa , Oklahoma , USA . 1994
Scholar in Residence with the Ph.D. Educational Studies Program, Trinity International University , Chicago , Illinois, USA . 2005


Canada’s Aging Population and Its Implications

To: Minister of Finance, Government of Canada

Subject : Canada’s Aging Population and Its Implications

Date: November 22, 2013

From : Ghin Shoute


Canada is heading for the decline of working-aging population, and it will impose a heavy burden on the economy. Since the proportion of the population that works is a key determinant of a country’s income level, its decline is likely to depress growth. It is important to make policy to mitigate the impact of aging population.

Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In.  Roger Fisher, William Ury and Bruce Patton.  2nd Edition. New York: Penguin Books, 1991. pp. 200 | ISBN 0-14-015735-2 . UK £ 6.99, CAN. $16.99, U.S.A. $12.95

Conflicts arise when different demands and interests between individuals, groups or countries  cannot be fulfilled. This calls for negotiation among those involved. If negotiations are not settled in a mutually agreeable terms, it can result in larger problems with negative effects on society.

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